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SourceFour are delighted to have started work on phase 2 design of the new Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) website.

As we move forward with phase two of the process, the team will bring some exciting changes to the site including an improved user experience, the restructure of existing content, additional functionality, an improved navigation, user testing to further ensure the site continues to meet user requirements and further improvement of the site’s internal workflow.


Landing pages are vital for business. Here’s why…

Leads… the chances are, you need more of them. But let’s face it, getting potential customers to take that vital first step is tough – demanding that you instil a certain level of trust, pique their interest and communicate the value of your offering and the difference it could make.

Landing pages are key to convincing that prospect to leave their details, and central to communicating all that you need to, in 60 seconds browsing time of less. If you’re yet to harness the power of landing pages, it’s time for a re-think. Here’s why (and how)…

Landing Pages – A Brief Overview

Landing pages should serve as a critical tool within your marketing arsenal, yet despite this all too many businesses are misguided about what landing pages are, and more importantly, what they are not. Let’s cut through the noise: landing pages are not simply any given page on your website to which you drive traffic. They are precisely focussed on bringing about a single action from the visitor – the filling of an enquiry form, the entering of an email, the downloading of a file. There must be no distractions, nothing other than elements that support the singular action of capturing visitor contact details via a form.

Key Question: “But my homepage/about page/product pages have contact forms – aren’t they landing pages?”

Your home page, or any other page on your website, may well have a contact form, however these pages each have additional purposes – your about page should tell your story, your homepage should guide your visitors to where they wish to be, your product pages are responsible for making the sale. None are designed exclusively for capturing contact details. That’s the difference. Ultimately landing pages are designed to feed potential leads into your sales funnel (you do have a sales funnel, don’t you? If not, you most certainly should).

Results – Just How Many Leads Should You Expect?

Marketing platform Hubspot achieves an incredible average conversion rate of 35.2% across their 650 landing pages – and whilst this brand is far from a yardstick for the typical business, the figures in the wider world provide for plenty of positive reading, with Wishpond finding that the average B2B landing page garners a conversion rate of 13.28%, while the typical rate for B2C is 9.87%.

That All Important Form – Here’s The Crux of the Matter

Your form provides a chance for your visitor to convert – and for the best chance of them doing so, you need to provide them with an incentive. This could be the promise of an enlightening white paper, a profit boosting eBook or a video series that addresses their pain point. This is an exchange – an ethical bride – they provide their information, you offer something of value. Your form must then capture the details that will allow you to market to them in the future – for the lowest barrier to entry, choose a singular field of an email.

Landing pages demand time, testing and continual tweaking if they’re to deliver upon their promises. Gain clarity on what your audience care about, and what a carefully crafted landing page could achieve for your business and your bottom line. Let’s talk about the possibilities – send us a message and we’ll be right back in touch.

SourceFour help launch new Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) website

SourceFour are delighted to have successfully undertaken the redesign, migration and launch of the new Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) website.

After successfully winning the tender in August 2016, the SourceFour Team headed by Robert Pritchard began the complex task of conceptualising a fresh and modern design that would reflect the University’s ethos as well as meeting the user’s needs, all while migrating over the content from their previous SharePoint site.

A carefully planned roll-out meant the live site would see as little change as possible while the two-phase migration process took place; this involved restructuring the content and carefully paying attention to the inner site navigation.

The move from SharePoint to WordPress was vital to future-proof BGU’s website due to Microsoft confirming the removal of SharePoint’s public website feature. A huge 1000 pages including image, file and content were migrated over in a seamless process.

Source Four tailored the design to create a responsive site that would suit the audience, including design features such as Eventbrite integration meaning students, potential students and parents can book easily onto events at the University.

Barry Clarkson, Head of IT and Systems Development at BGU commented;

“I am delighted with the new website.  SourceFour met the high level brief which we provided and also supplied some invaluable expertise and suggestions to ensure the project was successful. Help and support from SourceFour has been responsive and professional and I am looking forward to phase two”.

As SourceFour now move forward with phase two of the process, the team will bring some exciting changes to the site including the restructure of existing content, user testing to further ensure the site continues to meet user requirements and further improvement of the site’s internal workflow.

The new look website has been met with huge enthusiasm and has had a great response from students and staff alike.

Website available at www.bishopg.ac.uk

S4 donates website to local swim club

SourceFour are pleased to have completed the design, build and hosting of the Louth Dolphins Swimming Club website free of charge. Louth Dolphins Swimming Club is entirely self-sufficient and relies on the dedication of volunteers and funding from parents, via membership fees, in order to run. The club is ambitious and has aspirations to continue developing high level swimmers. Having a high standard of voluntary coaches and providing opportunities to their members is a key priority. Securing sponsorship deals and one off contributions, such as the design and development of their website are essential to ensure that they are able to continue building upon the club’s success.

You can visit the website at; https://www.louth-dolphins.org.uk/

The SourceFour team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

The SourceFour team wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We hope that you have had a wonderful and productive 2016 and wish you all the best for the new year and all it will bring.

Check out our Christmas video message;

SourceFour Help Create a Michelin Star Chefs’ Spectacular

SourceFour are proud to have designed and created the materials for the recent Michelin Star Chefs’ Spectacular at Yorkshire Coast College.

We designed and produced the luxurious tickets, posters, pull-up stands and souvenir menu’s which we uniquely printed on a special metallic copper paper.




Three Michelin star chefs plus chefs from Michelin-star restaurants and one of the world’s most respected Master Sommeliers created a spectacular occasion at the Scarborough Spa.

Andrew Pern, James Mackenzie, Paul Welburn, Martel Smith and Anthony Gascoigne presented a feast to delight and internationally-renowned Master Sommelier Ronan Sayburn provided expert advice on the accompanying wines for each course.

All former students of Scarborough Technical College, these ‘Old Boys’prepared and cooked an exciting menu with support from local students and staff from Yorkshire Coast College (formally Scarborough Technical College) . The service was presented by Yorkshire Coast College students in partnership with students from Scarborough University Technical College and staff from the Scarborough Spa.

Read the Scarborough News story here

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How We Designed Sunderland College Apprenticeship Website

Truth be told design is everything. However, there is nothing more rewarding than design that is purposeful and delivers real tangible results. And that’s exactly what this article is all about: the process of designing and developing a website that makes a difference: Sunderland College apprenticeships. Sunderland College is one of the top performing colleges in the North East, with four campuses.

The Brief

The brief was to design an apprenticeship website for the Sunderland College with all the relevant information for the apprentices and employers.

The design

At SourceFour, the first process was to look at core target audiences for the apprenticeships: young people and potential employers in Sunderland. The website had to be effective in providing information but also attractive to both audiences. Young people who are looking for apprenticeships want a website that is simple to maneuver but also provides all the relevant content that they need in a seamless user interface. Similarly, employers are looking for a simple website where the content is easy to use. Due to their time constraints, they want to be able to access the information in real-time with ease.

The development

SourceFour developed the website with the idea that layout should be easy to use and clutter-free. The idea was to ensure that apprentices and employers are able to find all the relevant information within a short-time. The development team ensured that the website loaded very fast and in keeping with the brand guidelines of Sunderland College, the colour scheme is a reflection of the college and easily recognisable.

The Results

The result is a website that is beautifully designed and engaging both for apprentices and for business organisation. It is built with simple user interface so that visitors are not lost with complex pages or unnecessary content. So far the feedback has been positive as Ellen Thinnesen Sunderland College principal and chief executive said: “The launch of this site is a real step forward for the college, in terms of creating an engaging platform through which we can share with people and businesses the many benefits of apprenticeships.”

Design should be impactful and purposeful and we believe that the Sunderland College Apprenticeship website can attest to that. The college principal believes that the site will become a place where apprenticeships can find real opportunities to towards their careers and that’s satisfying to us.

To find out how we can use design to help you achieve your goals, please get in touch.

S4 hires new talent to bolster video and animation output

SourceFour are pleased to have hired a new member to resource the company’s continued expansion in video production.

Kate has a fantastic creative eye and has a phenomenal talent for understanding what a client is about; who they are; what the business wants to achieve and who they want to market to and then condensing that down into 60 secs of loveliness that tells the whole story in full HD.

We create video productions – creative scripting, shooting, editing, graphics, music etc – for clients all over the world. We use cutting edge technology to deliver the great production quality and creativity that underpins all our work. But we don’t stop there… Get a flavour for our work, have a look at our latest showreel below;

Recruit Your Students with SourceFour Designs

The role of universities and colleges is to educate, equip and produce the most qualified graduates. But their role is only as good as the type of students they are able to recruit to their universities/colleges. Quality student recruitment is a critical component of every college or university and requires strategic planning and effective medium of communicating the organisation’s core values and how it differentiates from others.

Our brains are naturally drawn to stories that intrigue us and effective communication is being able to deliver a college or university story that is both compelling but also adds incredible value to potential students or parents.

At SourceFour, our story couldn’t be more congruent. Our team specialises in telling your story to the right audience in their element. With over 14 years in education, we have somewhat made a little name for ourselves. We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but we’ve worked for some pretty amazing clients which include:

  • The Grimsby Institute
  • The University Centre Grimsby
  • Yorkshire Coast College
  • Rotherham College
  • Lincolnshire Regional College
  • Boston College
  • Proversity – Online University
  • Sunderland College
  • Fulstow School
  • Cloverfields Academy
  • Focus School Cottingham

Of course we work closely with the colleges or universities to find out what their objectives are and we plan the best medium to reach their student recruitment desired goal. From strategic planning to branding and design to execution and post campaign analysis we do it all. Matter of fact, we can actually fit within your existing marketing team to help support them to achieve their goals.

Some of our recent highlights include the website we designed for the Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education being named as “the best website in the country for further and higher education” by Sitemorse. Another client, Proversity- a leader in interactive online learning – chose SourceFour as a partner because of our ability to use the latest innovative technological advances to build strong education systems. Our job is to ensure we can help your organization find the best way to reach students. Be online or offline, we can share our expertise to enable you to hit your goals.

Click here to browse our portfolio or just give us a call on+44(0)1472348400.

Creative design from Lincolnshire